KSPC Products

Rock on, extended Pomona College community and Greater Claremont Area! Support the official radio station of the Claremont Colleges by purchasing a CD or ordering some sweet KSPC-themed memorabilia. And, as always, remember to tune in at 88.7 fm to hear what the student & local community DJs are mixin' up 24/7!
  • KSPC Scribble Camelbak

    Stay sippin' in style with this durable Camelbak brand water bottle, adorned with a wonderfully imaginative design reminiscent of the high-frequency sound waves on which the ambient grooves for which KSPC is known - not to mention the dulcet tones of those cooler-than-cool KSPC DJs - travel.

  • KSPC Basement Tapes Volume 3

    Slake your thirst for underground and lesser known artists with 88.7FM KSPC's Basement Tapes.

  • KSPC Travel Mug

    Support our local radio station with our KSPC mug!

  • KSPC Kitten Mug

    Support our local radio station with this cute KSPC cat mug!