KSPC Products

Rock on, extended Pomona College community and Greater Claremont Area! Support the official radio station of the Claremont Colleges by purchasing a CD or ordering some sweet KSPC-themed memorabilia. And, as always, remember to tune in at 88.7 fm to hear what the student & local community DJs are mixin' up 24/7!
  • KSPC Scribble Camelbak

    Stay sippin' in style with this durable Camelbak brand water bottle, adorned with a wonderfully imaginative design reminiscent of the high-frequency sound waves on which the ambient grooves for which KSPC is known - not to mention the dulcet tones of those cooler-than-cool KSPC DJs - travel.

  • KSPC Basement Tapes Volume 3

    Slake your thirst for underground and lesser known artists with 88.7FM KSPC's Basement Tapes.

  • KSPC Space Crew Sweatshirt

    Support your favorite local radio station with this basic crew sweatshirt.

  • KSPC Space Tee

    Wouldn't it be great if we could hear the Pomona College radio station KSPC out in space? We think so too, but unfortunately the best we can do is this soft, stylish t-shirt.

  • Vintage KSPC Tee

    Support KSPC with this new vintage t-shirt

  • New KSPC Mug

    New KSPC Mug


    Support KSPC radio with our new KSPC mug